Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  What is the difference between a Frame tent and a Pole tent?

A.  Frame tents are supported by a free standing structure and do not require any center poles.  Frame tents do require anchoring to secure tents in harsh weather conditions and can be anchored into grass, asphalt, or concrete surfaces.  Certain situations will not allow the use of stakes and therefore tents can be secured with weighted barrels or concrete blocks. Please see Tent Site Requirements.

Pole tents also called tension tents are supported by center poles and side poles.  Anchoring is required at tension points around the perimeter.


Q. Are set up and tear down charges included in the price of the tent?

A.  Yes a listed price includes the set up and tear down of the tent.  An extra fee may apply for any tent beyond a reasonable distance and ease of access to the tent set up.

Q.  How do I determine what size tent I need for my event?

A.  Please refer to the Seating Chart page, it contains recommendations on tent size for table and seating concerns.

Q.  Are sidewalls included in the price of the tent?

A. No.  Sidewalls are priced according to the customers’ needs.  Solid white sidewalls are offered, as well as cathedral window sidewalls, depending on the event.